Dr Chi-Kin Chan
Interventional Cardiologist and Honorary Consultant, Department of Medicine, United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong

Ms Wendy Chiu
Advanced Practice Nurse, Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong

Prof Maxime Dougados
Professor of Rheumatology, René Descartes University-Paris 5 and Cochin Hospital, France

Ms Eunice Kwok
Advanced Practice Nurse, Tung Wah Hospital, Hong Kong

Dr Chu-Pak Lau
Specialist in Cardiology, The Cardiac Health Heart Centre; Honorary Clinical Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr Bryan Li
Associate Consultant, Palliative Medical Unit, Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong

Prof Nicholas Roche
Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University Paris Descartes, Respiratory and Intensive Care Medicine Department, Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, France